Parts companies "overseas gold rush" busy

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Although the domestic automobile consumption market is huge, the enthusiasm of local auto parts companies to expand overseas markets has not decreased. At the Beijing Auto Show not long ago, the reporter fully felt this. Many auto parts companies have no secret that their target customers are from overseas markets.

The reporter found that almost every company's booth has both Chinese and English logos, and bilingual exhibit materials, business cards and translators have become standard equipment for exhibitors.

In a company booth producing brake pads, in just 20 minutes, the staff received three foreign merchants from different countries, and two of them determined the quantity and amount of products purchased. Similar scenes can be said. In the seemingly deserted parts and pavilions, the enthusiasm of local parts companies for “overseas gold rush” is high.

■ Overseas aftermarket – small and medium-sized parts companies

“Our products mainly face the foreign automobile aftermarket.” Wang Weidi, general manager of Ruian Anma Filter Co., Ltd. of Zhejiang Province, told reporters that many small and medium-sized parts companies that came to participate in the exhibition were similar, and their main business scope Focus on overseas markets.

It can also be found from the exhibition categories that most of the parts and components on display are consumables that are popular in the aftermarket. Large air conditioning condensers, bearings, shock absorbers, small brake pads, sockets, battery lines, springs, etc., a wide range of products almost covers the entire automotive aftermarket product demand.

In the interview process, a foreign businessman came to Wang's booth and carefully consulted a transmission filter. After some bargaining, he reached an order with Wang Xiaodi. The foreign businessman said that he is the head of a Russian trading company in China. He used the opportunity of the auto show to order a batch of products for sale in the domestic maintenance market. "I will participate in every Beijing Auto Show, because the goods are all, the order is also Convenient," the foreign businessman said.

With a wide range of product advantages, many local parts exhibitors will reach out to the global aftermarket. According to the reporter's understanding, the underdeveloped areas of the automobile industry represented by South Africa and Southeast Asia have become the "main battlefield" for overseas parts gold mining companies. “There are basically no automakers in these areas, and they cannot support the huge parts industry. All the aftermarket accessories are almost entirely imported. Domestic products are their main choice.” Ruan Dubang Auto Parts Co., Ltd. Huan told reporters that countries and regions with developed automobile industries such as the United States and Europe have huge car ownership to absorb and digest domestic low-priced parts and components.

Later, the huge overseas after-sales market provided a large space for development for many local small and medium-sized parts and components enterprises. “Overseas gold rush” also became the focus of the survival and development of these enterprises. At the same time, China is an important global auto parts production base. With all-round support from export policies, labor costs, and upstream industry chains, local parts companies have grown into the backbone of overseas post-market segments.

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