Mexican auto parts manufacturers attach importance to technological innovation

发布日期:2016-04-15    浏览次数:1717

Mexico's "Financial Home" reported on May 18 that according to the data of the Mexican Auto Parts Industry Association (INA), one-quarter of the cars sold in North America use parts produced at auto parts factories in Mexico.

NEMAK, RASSINI, METALSA and KUO Group are the four most important auto parts manufacturers in Mexico, with 571 patents and accessories to more than 20 automotive assembly plants worldwide, with annual sales of $6 billion. The four companies invest $450 million annually in technology innovation and R&D, equivalent to 2% of revenue. NEMAK, Mexico's largest auto parts manufacturer, ranks 51st in the world, with 280 patents in 11 countries and 11 brands. ROSSINI has 11 patents and there are currently 6 pending applications.

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