The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a major guiding policy. Component companies compete for individual champions.

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Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released the "Implementation Plan for the Special Actions for the Cultivation and Promotion of Individual Champion Enterprises in Manufacturing Industry" (referred to as the "Implementation Plan").

The "Implementation Plan" clearly states that by 2025, it will summarize and enhance the 200 single-employment champion enterprises in the manufacturing industry, consolidate and enhance the global market position of the enterprise, further increase the technical level, and continuously improve the business performance; discover and cultivate 600 potentials to grow into The single-champion enterprise supports the enterprise to cultivate and grow into a single champion enterprise, sums up and promotes the successful experience and development model of a group of enterprise innovation development, and leads and drives more enterprises to take the development path of “special special excellence”.

"We have issued the "Implementation Plan" to automobile and auto parts enterprises. At present, we have received feedback from many companies, of which more than 90% are auto parts companies." Relevant persons of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers told reporters that "the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology does not Directly connect with enterprises, but entrust relevant departments and relevant industry associations and relevant industry associations to organize the recommendation and cultivation of individual champion enterprises in the region and related industries."

According to the reporter, CITIC Daika, Zhejiang Shibao, Binzhou Piston, Shanghai Xiaohao headlights and other auto parts companies are applying for individual champion enterprises, such as Fast, Plain Filter, Qianjiang Spring, Longcheng Precision Forging, etc. Intention to declare.

On May 18, Fu Yuwu, chairman of the China Automotive Engineering Society, said in an interview with this reporter: "The automobile industry is the leading industry in the equipment manufacturing industry, serving both the people and the important terminals of various industries. If cars and auto parts The industry can make breakthroughs in individual technologies, which will play an important role in driving the technological advancement of the entire manufacturing industry. The “Implementation Plan” is very beneficial for auto parts companies to enhance their brands and further strengthen them.”

■ Create a component company "invisible champion"

The insiders pointed out that the "Implementation Plan" responds to the strategy of manufacturing a strong country. The country hopes to focus on cultivating a group of market-oriented and technically specialized enterprises. Through demonstration enterprises and cultivating enterprises, the two industries will be driven to drive the development of the entire sub-sector and guide manufacturing. The company focuses on innovation and product quality improvement, and promotes the industry to the mid-to-high end, driving China's manufacturing to the world.

Fu Yuwu believes that the country is actively implementing the strategy of manufacturing and strengthening the country. First, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued "Made in China 2025" and the automobile industry launched the "13th Five-Year Plan". The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology also proposed the cultivation and development policy for individual manufacturing champion enterprises. The Institute is also studying the roadmap for the development of the automotive industry. At present, China does not have a large-scale auto parts enterprise with global competitiveness. Therefore, strengthening the auto parts industry has become an important development topic for China's auto industry in the next 15 years.

Wang Ling, deputy general manager of Jiangsu Longcheng Precision Forging Co., Ltd. believes that China’s industrial development policy has always been biased towards supporting a number of diversified large-scale auto companies, and lacks sufficient attention to small and medium-sized enterprises that are “specially excellent”. Therefore, it is difficult for these SMEs to receive national and industry attention and financial support. The "implementation plan" changed the status quo, and the enterprise it supported was the industry "invisible champion" proposed by the famous management scientist Hermann Simon. The “Implementation Plan” is a major positive for those companies that adhere to the industry and are determined to be more sophisticated in the industry. It is a major guiding policy for the transformation and upgrading of Chinese manufacturing products from the low-end to the high-end. Development has important guiding significance.

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